Saturday, October 4, 2008

Am I Still Lost in Cyberspace ??

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Well the fog is starting to clear! And what a relief - it's so great to know that I have actually got to the end of these 23 Things and I feel so much more knowledgeable and confident with Web 2.0 technology.

I have enjoyed most of the exercises - even learning about tools and applications that I may never use again - it's good to know they are there and know what others are talking about. I would like to investigate Flickr further (and set up an account) and Wikis. I'm sure I'll make use of image generators, and the on line productivity tools. I'll also go back to Library Thing and some of the Geneology sites.

While I didn't particularly enjoy RSS Feeds and Podcasts so much, I was pleased I was able to do the exercise (with some help and reading the instructions). I did learn more about them and how to search and read the screen on the web - so the learning wasn't wasted!

This programme pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me do things I wouldn't have tried otherwise. I found out that if I tried and sometimes persisted I was able to do it - up until now anything to do with new technology I just asked my children - now I know that I can do it myself!!

Thanks to the Team for all their help and encouragement and to the other Participants for the inspiration and welcome distraction their blogs provided.