Thursday, September 18, 2008

Social Networking and Libraries

Some interesting comments in the articles in this exercise. I looked at some of the Library My Space sites and while the medium doesn't appeal to me personally I appreciate that the young ones are using these sites and that they appeal to them.

Is there a place for social networking sites in libraries? I think the answer has to be Yes .... this is the communication tool young people are using today! It offers another way of reaching out to the community, taking the library to those who may never come in, and giving patrons a voice in their library.

But (and there is a big BUT) it has to be done well and be well maintained. It needs to be relevant to libraries - offering a one stop shop for book reviews (both library and patron reviews), author information, librarian's tips on study topics, information on library events, link to the library catalogue, forum for patrons to have their say on library matters, etc.

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