Saturday, October 17, 2009

Online Privacy and Security

Even though alot of what was covered in Online Privacy and Security is common sense we don't always stop to think about it so it is important to be reminded every now and again. The two videos were very good and I particularly liked the McAfee and Netsafe sites. We could refer library patrons to them - people using the internet, children doing projects on cyber bullying, concerned parents, etc. I also thought the privacy tips for people who use Facebook to be really good (in the additional reading section) - Grouping your friends into family, friends, acquaintances etc. with appropriate privacy settings for each group was something I hadn't thought of - mind you I don't have a Facebook account but I will pass that info on to my children.

My advice to a patron opening up a pharos or My Info account would be to use something that is easy for them to remember - the password is only a means for them to access the account and is not protecting their personal or financial information. For our website - I'd suggest they signed up with a pseudonym if they did not want their name displayed if they left a comment.

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