Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Twitter - an introduction

Well, I've tried really hard - read all the info and looked into several of the twitter accounts - and I still don't really get it! It was interesting having a nosey at different Twitter sites - seeing who has a Twitter account and what they twitter on about ... but apart from satisfying the curiosity factor I can't see what's the big attraction. There must be something I'm missing - so I started a Twitter account myself thinking I might have to actually be a participant rather than an observer to get a handle on it... so, watch this space.

I was interested in the site for Grabaseat. It seemed very popular with over 10,000 following - so I suppose people use it to catch the latest best deals. I also went into Jodi Picoult (because I read her books). Her site seemed to be mostly self promotion with some family bits and pieces.

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